Fix Now, Pay When You Sell®

The Fix Now, Pay When You Sell program is a total pre-sale home repair solution for restoring your house so that you can list it for its full potential price. You don’t need to sell your home in “as is” condition and let a bargain hunter or house flipper walk away with the equity you’ve worked years to build.

How it Works

  • 1. Free Estimate

    First, we’ll provide a free estimate of the work you’d like us to do. Be sure to consult with your real estate agent about what repairs and updates will provide the best return on your investment.

  • 2. Local Project Manager

    As soon as you hire us, we’ll assign you a local project manager who will supervise your project from start to finish. Your PM will handle everything. including scheduling the subcontractors and ensuring that the job is done right and on time. You’ll never have to deal with a subcontractor.

  • 3. Temporary Housing and Storage

    In most cases, major projects cost less and are completed faster if the home is unoccupied during refurbishment. If you need temporary furnished housing in a house, apartment, or hotel while your home is being refurbished and sold, we’ll be happy to make all of the arrangements. If you need it, we’ll also arrange for temporary storage for your household furnishings.

    As with our home repair services, you won’t pay for temporary housing or storage until you sell your home.

  • 4. Home Restoration

    Our subcontractors will get to work. As the project progresses, your PM will provide you with updates and photos of completed tasks. Of course, you’ll also be free to drop by and inspect the work at any time.

  • 5. Payment

    After work is completed and accepted, and you sell your home, payment for our services will be made by the settlement company at the closing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I‘m interested. What’s the next step?

If you’ve already signed with a real estate agent, have your agent request a free estimate using the form on this page.

Do I have to have a real estate agent?

Yes. For your protection, we don’t take on “sale by owner” projects. We rely on you and your real estate agent to determine what improvements are needed to get the best return on your investment. Not all improvements result in higher sale prices and quicker sales. Only an experienced agent knows what it takes to get the maximum potential from properties in your neighborhood. If you don’t have an agent, we’ll be happy to refer you to one.

What home improvement services do you offer?

Our specialty is pre-sale home repairing, updating, and staging. We provide services only to homeowners who are ready to sell as soon as their home is refurbished.  Examples of our services include:

Air-Conditioning and Heating
Appliance Repair and Replacement
Handyman Repairs
Mold Remediation

There’s no credit score or income requirement?

There are no minimum income or credit requirements, and you don’t need to put any money down. Our decision to take on a project is based on various factors such as current mortgages and liens, the appraised value of your home, and the scope of the work you’re requesting. Quite simply, we make sure that you’ll have enough proceeds left when you sell your home to pay for the work and have money left over to relocate to your next home. An important factor in our decision to take on a project is the expected benefit to the customer. As a rule, we won’t accept a project unless we believe that the customer will end up with at least $10,000 more by using our service than by selling in “as is” condition.

How long will you wait for payment?

For as long as it takes. Our sales agreement with you clearly states that you won’t pay for the work until you sell your home. And, you won’t pay any finance charges. What’s more, in the event that, after satisfying all properly recorded encumbrances which are legally superior in priority, there are insufficient proceeds at the time of settlement for you to pay for our services in full, we will not hold you liable for any deficiency balance. In other words, if we overestimate the amount of proceeds that you’ll have available to pay us in full at settlement, we’ll forgive the unpaid balance.

What if my home doesn’t sell?

All homes sell eventually, and yours will have just been repaired, updated, and staged. Of course, homes that are updated and in good repair, and priced right, sell faster.

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

You’re right; it does sound too good to be true. But, it is true, and there’s no catch. We’ll prepare your home for sale and wait for payment until you sell, subject to the terms of the sales contract. We make our profit solely on the services we provide. There are no finance charges or hidden fees.

Is there a minimum or maximum size project that you’ll accept?

The minimum size project that we accept is $10,000. There is no maximum.

I don’t plan to sell my house. Is still right for my home improvement project? only accepts home improvement projects from homeowners who are eager to sell their homes as soon as repairs are completed. We specialize in helping people who need to sell and don’t have cash or credit to repair, update, and stage their homes.

Pre-Sale Home Refurbishing and Staging is a general contractor which means we do it all. Whatever repairs, updates, and staging your home needs to prepare it to sell quickly at full potential price, we’ll take care of it. is a licensed, bonded, and insured Class A general contractor.