Pre-sale home renovation FAQ

When we tell people about our Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell program, we get a lot of skeptical questions. It seems too good to be true, but, we promise, it is true. To prove it, we’re addressing the most common questions we hear from agents and homeowners.

Are there additional fees or interest charges?

Nope. There are no additional fees or interest charges. The only thing the homeowners pays us for is the home improvement project itself. We are paid for our work from the proceeds of the sale at settlement.

Before we begin work, we make sure the homeowner has enough equity in the house to cover the costs, and we work with the agent to ensure that the renovations we plan on doing will result in a higher sale price, based on comps.

All the details

You can download our ebook to learn more about how we work with sellers and agents.

Is there an income requirement or credit check?

There are no minimum income or credit requirements, and we require no money before settlement. Our decision to take on a project is based on various factors such as current mortgages and liens, the estimated after-renovation list price, and the scope of work required.

But what if the home never sells?

All homes will eventually sell, at the right price. We’ll wait as long as it takes to get paid. There is no time limit. We do require, though, that the list price of the house is reduced by 2% after 30 days on the market, and an additional 2% every 30 days thereafter.

Who does the work?

We do! We are licensed and insured general contractors. We also rely on a network of vetted subcontractors for our projects.

We renovate quickly

Most of our pre-sale home renovation projects are complete in 3-8 weeks.

What type of work do you do?

We handle all types of pre-sale renovation projects, from kitchen remodels to roof repairs, bathroom upgrades to flooring replacement. Anything that’s required to get the house move-in ready, we take care of.

However, we don’t take on projects that are exclusively “handyman repairs.” Our minimum project size is $15,000.

What types of materials do you use? Do you only use the cheap stuff?

Not at all. We have a portfolio of materials that we know buyers love. Cabinets, flooring, carpet, paint color: we hand select the materials in the portfolio based on their performance in previous projects. We use high-quality materials that result in amazing transformations, and our prices are very competitive.

If we didn’t cover your question, please feel free to email us or call us at 240-406-4616.

Stress-Free Renovations

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who oversees the entire project, including ordering materials, scheduling deliveries, and managing subcontractors.